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The purpose of this repository for home-based vaccination records, including national immunisation or child health cards, is to support the free and open exchange of information related to home-based record (HBR) content and design that ultimately may be useful to the improvement of child health outcomes.

The premise is that, within primary healthcare service delivery, HBRs serve as a recording tool and information resource (i) to enhance health professionals' ability to make appropriate clinical decisions (e.g., which vaccinations have been received already and which vaccinations remain outstanding) and improve continuity of care across providers in the absence of other health records, (ii) to empower individuals or their caregivers as a vehicle for health education about which primary healthcare services have been received and those that remain outstanding, and (iii) to support public health monitoring efforts. Current challenges exist in many countries where the HBR is not made available, not adopted, and/or not appropriately utilised by caregivers and/or health workers, all of which prohibit the HBR from being able to fulfil its intended purpose.

As of October 6 2016, the updated electronic repository contains HBRs from 164 countries. Countries are listed in the left sidebar in alphabetical order according to country name; select a country to view available home-based vaccination records. In addition, an online wiki has been developed. "Join the conversation and share experiences related to ideas for improving the availability, utilization and retention of home-based vaccination records and experiences related to the revision and update of home-based vaccination records by ...[clicking here]!"


English, with HBRs in various languages.