Hi and welcome to the online Group for the Consultation: Global Mechanism for Communication, Media, Social and Behaviour Change. This is a space for everyone interested to share thoughts, analysis and ideas on both the rationale for this possible development (see above or click this link) and the questions below so that they are part of the overall process. If you are attending one of the informal gatherings please do contribute here in advance. That will greatly help the productivity of those events. To contribute either click "Please review" below or just reply by email to this message. Thanks. The core questions are (but please comment as you wish of course!):

In your assessment would such a mechanism bring added value to communication and media (for) development, social and behavioural change? If you answer "yes", then

What overall goals and themes would you propose as the focus of such a mechanism

What strategic approach should such a mechanism take to work towards those goal?

If your answer to Q1 is “no”, what is the basis for that judgement?

Thanks - Warren