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January 1, 2013

This programme summary of the second season of Revela2 contains a synopsis of 20 episodes of this television programme from Bogota, Colombia:

The series: At the health consulation serivce José Celestino Mutis, protagonist Camila answers questions of: Cathy y Nata, two adolescents looking for their first sexual relationship; a young couple that came to the city to study and confronts the problem of living with HIV; Liliana and Frank, a case of sexual exploitation; Ricardo and Juan, two gay young people; and Pedro and Yadira, the parents. Their stories occur around the José Celestino Mutis Hospital, where Dr. Rubén Jaramillo, Dr. Verónica Mallarino, and nurses Aracelly and Camila work at building a unit that is friendly to adolescents and young people. The unit will provide legal pregnancy terminations, consultations on birth control methods, rapid HIV tests, and work with the transgender population and more.

The notes: The programmes also include Parcha2 (Passionfruit2), conversations for young people between young people; Sexafios (Sex Challenges), challenges that will lead young women and men to seek answers about sexuality; Sextorías (Sex Stories), profiles of special people; Tumbamitos (Breaking Down Myths) to reveal erroneous beliefs about sexuality; and Hágameldibujito (Draw It Out for Me), illustrated stories on sexuality.

Revela2 Hangouts: Each program will close with a Revela2 Hangout, with a lot of music and different points of views expressed by famous artists.

Youtubers: María José Garcés -Matu - and Ludwwin Espitía -Pellelo - "YouTubers" with thousands of followers on the internet present Revela2.

The programme summary is part of the Revela2 educational materials which includes 20 half-hour long episodes and guides for young people designed to open space for conversation, debate, and reflection in youth groups as well as between young people and adults around the themes of sexual and reproductive human rights. This package focuses on four themes:

  • Prevention of sexual violence.
  • Prevention of unsafe abortions.
  • Prevention of adolescent pregnancy.
  • Promotion of access to HIV diagnosis with a focus on vulnerability.

Episode titles are:
1. Condoms with me, and me with condoms.
2. Are they their own bosses?
3. You get to decide.
4. With pressure, No!
5. Where is the limit?
6. What does transgender mean?
7. Use this only in case of an emergency.
8. Do the test.
9. Trial and error.
10. Raped and pregnant.
11. It couldn't be easier.
12. Everything you need to know about IVE (Voluntary Pregnancy Termination).
13. Ayyyy Mamita!
14. No, no, and No!
15. Barriers to be broken down.
16. We are all vulnerable.
17. Pills, condoms, and IUDs.
18. It could also happen to you.
19. Put it in your plans.
20. Let’s take a step forward.



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Email from Adelaida Trujillo to The Communication Initiative on January 23 2014.