Launched in October 2011, CrowdOutAIDS is a collaborative online project to develop a new way for the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) to work with young people (aged 15-29) around the world in developing the Secretariat's new strategy on youth and HIV. It uses crowdsourcing, a technique used to rapidly engage large numbers of interested people to develop strategies, solve problems, or propose relevant and fresh ideas. The project will run over a period of two months - with the final crowdsourced strategy being produced in January 2012.

Communication Strategies: 

CrowdOutAIDS revolves around engaging young people in taking action to debate, draft, and work with UNAIDS to develop AIDS policy - powered by the vehicles of crowdsourcing technologies and social media platforms. CrowdOutAIDS follows a 4-step model:

  1. Connect young people who want to help out through tools like Facebook, blogs, Orkut, and Google docs.
  2. Engage in conversations about the key issues young people face.
  3. Put decision-making in the hands of young people.
  4. Collectively agree on actions - and get young people to draft the strategy.

Young people will be able to shape the new strategy from conceptualisation to final drafting via this wiki-platform. Then, the UNAIDS Secretariat will put the crowd sourced youth strategy into action. The youth strategy may also become an advocacy platform in UNAIDS' work with partners.

Development Issues: 

HIV/AIDS, Youth.

Key Points: 

According to UNAIDS, approximately 3,000 young people aged 15-24 become infected with HIV daily.


Email from Barbara O. de Zalduondo to The Communication Initiative on October 25 2011; and CrowdOutAIDS website, October 25 2011.