Author: Bilquir Rehman, February 5 2018 - Farida a hardworking women, who has uplifted her status in the village through her consistent efforts.

One’s life is driven only by NEEDS and sometimes even the needs that don't get fulfilled. It was my desire that I could send all my children to a better school where they can learn in a proper way. My younger son Mustafa was very intelligent compared to my other children but it was unfortunate that my financial condition didn’t allow me to send him to a better school. My elder children were studying in public school of the village. In my village there was no concept of girls’ education so my studies were stopped when I reached to the age 14th, my parents married me off. After a year of marriage my first son was born and I got busy with his care and also with the other responsibilities at home. Financially our family was average as my husband was working in the fields and earning daily wages on someone else’s farm. Time passed by and our family grew to nine family members with the birth of my youngest son, our seventh child. Now it became difficult for us to manage within the limited income of my husband. Those were very hard times on us even if some guest arrived to our home we didn’t have enough money to be hospitable to the culturally appropriate degree. So, when time came to enroll Mustafa in a school, I wanted to send him to a private school because I am not satisfied with the teaching in public school where my other children were going. Since I was deprived of my basic need of education I wanted to educate all my sons and daughters. I was praying to God and one day it was heard when I started learning enterprise development skills by a Foundation team arrived at our village to mobilize the women who wanted to improve their life out of the poverty. They offered us a platform to become livestock workers to initiate our own enterprise. I get convinced because I was trying to figure out of our economic problems.

That was the turning point in my life when I attended the training to learn technical skills for livestock management. Day by day our motivation grew with the regular support and advice from the Foundation team. Because it is hard in the village setup to work with strangers, I never forget the time when I had learned the skills for delivering animals, before it was a job only for men. It was taboo for women to deliver cows or buffalos. With the passage of time I learned all the important tasks relevant to cattle management. In this way my desire for better earning to support my family, drove me to work harder and enabled me to earn for my children and educate them in a better environment. Today my elder daughter and son have graduated and younger children are in college. I am now able to earn up to 40,000 per month as a livestock worker. Because of this Program which build our capacity, we have learned a lot and have developed. 

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