Edutainment: Using Stories and Media for Social Action and Behaviour Change

Harriet Perlman (ed.)
Michael Jana
Esca Scheepers
Sarah Delius
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Produced by the Soul City Institute for Health and Development Communication, this manual shares perspectives and insights about edutainment, using popular entertainment formats to tackle serious social issues. The manual is designed for media practitioners and social activists who wish to use the power of entertainment and mass media to promote health, human rights, and social justice. Drawing on successful stories and case studies from Africa and elsewhere, this manual "is designed to inspire, give fresh ideas, and share experiences of interesting edutainment programmes."

According to the authors, "stories and mass media entertainment programmes have been widely used throughout the world as a powerful means to educate, inform, and influence social and individual change. The field known as edutainment uses popular entertainment formats to tackle serious social issues in a bold and entertaining way. Stories can draw audiences into the centre of an issue, move people emotionally and catalyse discussion and debate". As stated in the manual, "media and popular culture influence us in many different ways. Edutainment is a way to harness its enormous potential to influence individuals and society in a positive way."

The manual contains the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1: What is edutainment
  • Chapter 2: An overview of edutainment activities
  • Chapter 3: Building partnerships
  • Chapter 4: Qualitative formative audiences research
  • Chapter 5: Choosing your edutainment media and format
  • Chapter 6: Creating a total communication strategy
  • Chapter 7: Developing the message and story
  • Chapter 8: Marketing and promoting your edutainment
  • Chapter 9: Evaluation

The manual was produced as part of the Pop Culture with a Purpose Project. In 2010, Oxfam Novib, Puntos de Encuentro, Breakthrough, the Soul City Institute for Health and Development Communication, and The Communication Initiative formed a global partnership in social communication and edutainment which aims to scale up edutainment strategies.

This manual is based on "Edutainment - How to Make Edutainment Work For You", written by Garth Japhet.

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Email from Katinka Moonen of Oxfam Novib to The Communication Initiative on March 3 2014 and Soul City website.