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Phuza Wize Campaign
November 22, 2011

Phuza Wize Campaign


The Phuza Wize Drink Safe Live Safe campaign, launched by Soul City Health and Development Institute in March 2010, aims to create Safer Social Spaces (S3) and alcohol-free zones in order to reduce levels of violence and new HIV infections in ...

Why Multiple Sexual Partners?
March 21, 2011

Why Multiple Sexual Partners?


In this article from The Lancet, James D.

November 9, 2009

OneLove Campaign Malawi


Launched in October 2009, the OneLove campaign in Malawi forms part of a regional Southern African initiative which seeks to address multiple concurrent partnerships (MCP), an issue identified as one of the key drivers of HIV infection in the ...

Impact Examples: HIV/AIDS Communication Programming
April 8, 2009

Impact Examples: HIV/AIDS Communication Programming


RESEARCH AND EVALUATION FOCUS IMPACT RESULTS Experimental Evaluation of MTV Shuga: Changing Social Norms and Behaviours with Entertainment Education This study was designed to causally evaluate the effects of the MTV Shuga television drama ...

September 12, 2006

Systematic Review of the Effectiveness of Mass Communication Programs to ...


"Even though international donor agencies and governments have invested millions of dollars in different types of communication interventions in developing countries, relatively few have been subjected to any type of rigorous evaluation to date..."

Shannon and Weaver's Communication Model
February 24, 2006

Shannon and Weaver's Communication Model


Shannon and Weaver's Communication Model has five basic factors, arranged in a linear format. The components in this model are: The information source selects a desired message out of a set of possible messages. The transmitter changes the ...

November 11, 2005

The Grants Awareness Campaign Popular Report


Introduction “This report on the Grants Awareness Campaign has been put together by Soul City Institute for Health and Development Communication (Soul City: IHDC) and the Allian

November 4, 2003

Social Marketing - the 4 P's


Product What, in terms of behavior, beliefs, information, or services, the audience is being asked to accept? Price The cost- financial, social, material, physical, and/or psychological - that the audience is being asked to voluntarily ...

November 4, 2003

Social Marketing - A 7 Step Approach


October 11, 2003

Educación con Entretenimiento: una Estrategia de Comunicación para el Cambio ...


Por Arvind Singal y Everett Rogers. En este libro, los autores tocan temas como la historia, ejemplos de programación, y las mejores estrategias para el uso del edu-entretenimiento, como medio para alcanzar metas de desarrollo. Entre los ...

July 16, 2003

Information-Processing Paradigm


July 16, 2003

Exchange Theory


July 29, 2003

Cultivation Theory of Mass Media


December 9, 2002

COMBI Design Process


While the design of a Communication-for-Behavioural-Impact (COMBI) Plan cannot be done in a neat linear fashion, the following 10 steps are suggested.

December 11, 2002

Public Service Announcements


September 30, 2002

Red Surafricana de Emisoras Comunitarias para el SIDA – Sudáfrica


La Red Sudafricana de Emisoras Comunitarias para el SIDA se originó en unos talleres de capacitación sobre emisoras comunitarias coordinados por la organización SIDA 2000, realizados en abril y octubre de 2000. La estructura básica de la red fue ...

October 12, 2001



August 30, 2001

Comparison of the Fundamental Characteristics of Four Orientations


Editor's note: While the following comparison has a focus on health issues, it may be applicable to any development issues. SOURCE OF ACTION Social Marketing (SM): Agency or organisation Public Relations (PR): Agency or ...

August 30, 2001

Health Communication Strategies


This model displays health communication strategies:

August 30, 2001

Commercial Marketing Model


July 16, 2001

Soul City Television Series


Launched in 1994, the Soul City television drama series is part of a multimedia health promotion and social change project by the Soul City Institute for Health and Development Communication (SC IHDC)

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