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Health, Gender, Households, Strategies, Communication?
May 4, 2016

Health, Gender, Households, Strategies, Communication?


In the research report Perceptions of Influence that had a focus on how households make health decisions, one of the significant implications from that research read as follows: More broadly, PEI (and initiatives for wider health system ...

Impact: Health Communication?
April 25, 2016

Impact: Health Communication?


The impact of Health Communication appears to remain a vexed issue. Those of us in the health comm field think we have loads of data - for example 1,333 impact data examples summarised here - filter to your interests. But it seems really hard for ...

Soul City Television Series 12
July 24, 2014

Soul City Television Series 12


Produced by the Soul City Institute for Health and Development Communication, the twelfth series of the edutainment drama series "Soul City" premiered in July 2014. Comprising 26 half-hour episodes, the series is based around a community clinic ...

Evidence Synthesis Packet - Review Team-2: Community Empowerment
November 3, 2013

Evidence Synthesis Packet - Review Team-2: Community Empowerment


What are the effective means to facilitate and empower communities to organise and advocate for interventions to achieve behaviour and social changes that are needed to accelerate reductions in under-five mortality and optimise healthy and ...

Evidence Synthesis Packet - Evidence Review Team 6: Science, Technology, and Innovation
May 31, 2013

Evidence Synthesis Packet - Evidence Review Team 6: Science, Technology, and ...


"Implementers and policy-makers alike have recently explored the extent to which they can leverage science, technology, and innovation (STI) - with a focus on mHealth, health technologies, health literacy, and trans and social media - to improve ...

May 18, 2010

South African National HIV Prevalence, Incidence, Behaviour and ...


This 104-page report presents research findings from a population-based household survey that explored the general health status of infants, children, and adolescents in relation to the HIV epidemic i

October 20, 2006

Outcome Mapping


The focus of Outcome Mapping is on people.

March 17, 2006

Five Cs: An eHealth Model


February 24, 2006

Hodges' Health Career Model


December 16, 2005

Problem Tree


December 16, 2005

Adoption Ladder


July 30, 2004

Qualitative Target Audience Formative Research for Health and Development ...


This manual was developed to support skills training in qualitative interviewing, aiming to teach individuals and organisations to conduct qualitative formative audience research in support of health

December 3, 2003

Child-to-Child Approach


November 24, 2003

A-Frame for Advocacy


November 4, 2003

CONSEFORH - Forming a Strategy


November 11, 2003

Reasoned Action


November 10, 2003

BEHAVE Framework


August 22, 2003

Communications and Social Change [conceptual model] - The Rockefeller Foundation


This summary is based on a power point presentation that included the Conceptual Model of Communication for Social Change from November 2001. PRINCIPLES & TRENDS

July 16, 2003

Ecosystemic Model of Culture


December 9, 2002

COMBI Design Process


While the design of a Communication-for-Behavioural-Impact (COMBI) Plan cannot be done in a neat linear fashion, the following 10 steps are suggested.

May 16, 2002

CHANGE Strategic Approach


August 30, 2001

Comparison of the Fundamental Characteristics of Four Orientations


Editor's note: While the following comparison has a focus on health issues, it may be applicable to any development issues. SOURCE OF ACTION Social Marketing (SM): Agency or organisation Public Relations (PR): Agency or ...

August 30, 2001

Health Communication Strategies


This model displays health communication strategies:

August 30, 2001

COAST: A Visual Model


Here is a model for COAST (Communication, Options, Alternatives, Standards, Trust):

August 30, 2001



July 24, 2001

Evaluating Communication, Development and Change Programmes


Communications for social change is a process of public and private dialogue and linkages through which people define who they are, what they want, and how they can get it.

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