Recent Media Development knowledge shared and questions raised for your comment and conversation on the theme of Digital, Data and Social. 

1. Data Journalism Awards 2017 - Interested? Do you think that awards work to enhance quality, scale and impact (if impact is relevant for journalists!)?

2. UNESCO Series on Internet Freedom - Agree with UNESCO? Are these kinds of publications helpful for your work?

3. Generating real-time citizen data to identify socio-economic & political trends in East Africa - Helpful for your development practice? Are you big fan of data based initiatives?

4. Conflict Reporting in the Smartphone Era - from Budget Constraints to Information Warfare - If you are active in conflict zones do you agree with this analysis and approach?

Please do review and comment. And please also complete (if you have not already done so):

a. Short survey on your priorities, opportunities and challenges  and the

b. Rapid poll on what keeeps you awake at night! (Scroll down to vote and log in to comment).