Not so long ago the phrase "social change" and associated language such as "social norms" were rarely heard in the local, national and international Development lexicon. It is now 17 years since a Rockefeller Foundation convened group of development practitioners, researchers, policy makers and funders outlined the way forward for more effective development based on social change principles. Below is a reminder of what was developed. Lebo Ramafoko, Executive Director of Soul City, recalled these in her speech to the SBCC Conference: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - Reflections on 20 years of proving what we do matters. There were strong elements of these principles in Kumi Naidoo, Director Africans Rising' address to the same event: The Role of Communications in a World in Crisis

Please review below. These are the original principles for a social change approach as developed all those years ago in the Rockefeller convened process. Two questions for your response:

1. Social change is now very common in the Development lexicon - but how do you assess what is now classified as "social change" strategies and action when held up to the principles below? 

2. Almost 20 years on from when these were developed, how would you amend or change the principles below?

Thanks for engaging:



  1. Away from people as the objects for change...and on to people and communities as the agents of their own change;
  2. Away from designing, testing, and delivering messages...and on to supporting dialogue and debate on the key issues of concern;
  3. Away from the conveying of information from technical experts...and on to sensitively placing that information into the dialogue and debate
  4. Away from a focus on individual behaviours...and on to social norms, policies, culture, and a supportive environment; and
  5. Away from persuading people to do something...and on to negotiating the best way forward in a partnership process.

How are we doing? Related to these principles what needs improvement? Nearly 20 years on how would you change the principles above?