Media (and) Development Network and Community

Some experiences and questions for your review, critique and comment please:

Media Award: Data Journalism Awards 2017  - Interested? How do you view awards for media initiatives? Do they help progress standards, scale and impact?

Media Landscape: Changing Media Landscapes in Transitional Countries - Handbook on Mapping Media Landscapes - Helpful? Do you use guides and handbooks such as these?

Media and Smartphones: Conflict Reporting in the Smartphone Era - from Budget Constraints to Information Warfare - Relate to you work? Is this a useful analysis?

Media and Data: The Potential and Reality of Data Journalism in Developing Media Markets - Your view of data journalists? Is this an area of work we That Development should strengthen?

As well as critiquing and commenting on above please:

Complete the very short Survey on the Priorities, Opportunities and Challenges for your work

Do the quick poll on what keeps you awake at night (work related only please!!)

Thanks - Warren