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Revela2 is a multimedia, TV, and social mobilisation edutainment for social change platform for adolescents and youth. The first of its kind in Colombia, it aims to facilitate dialogue and critical reflection about sexuality and sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and contribute to transforming individual and family behaviours and sociocultural norms and practices.

Why innovative in Colombia?
1.   The issues and the perspective: in coordination with and as a response to the National Health Policy priorities for youth,  Revela2 addresses:

  • Decisionmaking on sexuality and reproductive health with a focus on teen pregnancy prevention.
  • Gender-based violence (GBV).
  • Respect for sexual diversity.
  • Sexual violence.
  • Abortion (the 3 types of legal situations for which abortion is allowable in Colombia).
  • Promotion of HIV testing.

2. The multilevel-multisector intervention: Partnerships (local, regional, national, and international) are at the heart of the process: ongoing local and regional consultations; youth and adolescent participation during the whole creative and consultation process; capacity building at all levels and with all teams; and a socioecological model - evidence based - with a communication for social change perspective.

3. The partnership base: The organisations Imaginario and Citurna have brought together: the leading regional and national educational institutions, Universidad del Norte and Universidad de los Andes; technical support and core funds from the Ministry of Health; international cooperation assistance from the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM); articulation with regional municipal governments and existing processes focused on youth and SRHR; pro bono spaces in Colombian national and regional public TV; participation of youth-centred community-based groups; and technical transference and capacity building from international edutainment partners (Soul City and Puntos de Encuentro).

4.  Decisions are all based on quality information and evidence:

  • Stakeholder consultation - national and regional youth and SRHR policies
  • Literature reviews
  • Baseline data  in 135 municipalities - their first time for a communication intervention in Colombia
  • Qualitative formative audience research for the message development research
  • Pretesting: brief messages tested during all the stages of production
  • Audience reception validation: an outreach package, TV series, and social media strategy and content
  • Qualitative: process and platform implementation
  • Quantitative: TV series / social media reception

5. The multimedia/cross-media structure: The Revela2 website provides the ongoing communication - its knowledge management platform hosted by partner The Communication Initiative; Google HangOuts connected to the web, TV, and social media provide the space for dialogue and regional integration; leading YouTubers are key presenters and influencers.

6. Connecting existing SRHR- and youth-rights-based processes happening at the national, regional, and local level: the Ministry of Education's sexual education programme, the Health Ministry's Adolescent friendly health services, and regional and municipal youth and health movements and networks.

7. Combination of TV and social media formats: Revela2 has developed  innovative fiction and nonfiction narratives for the TV programme and the social media strategies:  telenovela , documentary profiles, realities, animation, vox pops (formats include: #Sextorias / #Parcha2 / #Hagame el Dibujito/ #Sexafio / #Tumbamitos)

8. Youth-led social media: key influential role of YouTubers: Revela2's "Image bloggers" are the new media icons, with thousands of followers and a network of peers. #Matu and #Pillelo are not only the TV presenters, but also advocates and key "influencers" for promoting  the TV series, triggering peer-to-peer dialogue in the HangOuts, positioning trending topics on Twittter and Facebook, circulating technical and promotional content through their own spaces and channels, and mobilising youth peers at the municipal level: schools, local government, and municipalities.

9. Evaluation - Revela2 is the first health communication intervention in Colombia which includes process evaluation, product output products, audience reception, and outcome/impact evaluation.

10. Longterm media and TV policies set in place thanks to non-governmental organisation (NGO) and civil society leadership in communication and media: Revela2's edutainment platform is one of the results of a national pact on quality media and TV for children (Compromiso Nacional de TV de Calidad para la Infancia en Colombia), launched in 2005.

Products include:

  • 20 x one hour  TV series (first phase)
  • 20 x 25 mins TV series (second phase)
  • Outreach package for public schools, health services and local youth leaders (7 guides / DVD package)
  • Capacity building and accompaniment of content use in schools and health centers
  • Social Mobilisation in 4 pilot municipalities: community radio, theatre, local TV, public screenings in parks, music festivals and contests, bonfires, public dialogue and debate, graffiti and murals, etc.
  • Web-based (through the Revela2 website knowledge management strategy) and social media strategy based on YouTubers #Matu and #Pillelo
  • Terrestrial TV broadcast in the 11 regional and national TV channel network
  • Community TV broadcast in 150 municipalities

Click here to access more about Revela2 in Spanish.


Email from Adelaida Trujillo to The Communication Initiative on August 14 2014.