Biblioteca Multimedia sobre los Derechos Reproductivos
Erika Miranda
Teresita Hernández
Evelyn Flores
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Multimedia Library on Reproductive Rights

The organisation Puntos de Encuentro compiled this multimedia library on the issue of reproductive rights. The multimedia library is a compilation of 78 documents in audio, video and text including theoretical analysis, investigations, tools and methodologies for training, legislation, statistical data, systematisations of actions by the women's movement, and sites of interest that may be useful when addressing the issue of reproductive rights. All of the information is related to the issues of the debate on abortion, birth control, teenage pregnancy, free choice maternity, maternal mortality, responsible paternity, and population policies.

Documents include titles such as:

  • 28 de septiembre: Despenalización del Aborto ("September 28th: Decriminalising Abortion")
  • Abortos Libre de Riesgo: Guía Técnica ("Risk-free Abortions: A Technical Guide")
  • El Estado Laico y Derechos de la Mujer "(The Secular State and Women's Rights")

The videos are produced for television by Sexto Sentido. These include a 38-mintue feature called Padrisimo, a video collage on paternity. In the audio section, there are vignettes and radio programmes about single mothers, abortion in Guatemala, and single life versus married life. Finally, there are links to other websites that provide information on issues related to reproductive rights, as well as access to the entire bibliography of Puntos de Encuentro.

Puntos de Encuentro para la transformation de la vida cotidiana (Gathering Points for Transforming Daily Lives) is a Nicaraguan feminist organisation that works with young and adult women developing their capacities to exercise their rights and autonomy in daily life. Puntos uses communication media, training, and alliance processes to promote and defend gender and generational equality, respect for diversity, rejection of discrimination and violence, and relations based on mutual respect.

Materials are available free electronically. To order hard copies of the multimedia library, contact

Spanish (Puntos de Encuentro website is available in English)


Email from Irene Lindenhovius of Puntos de Encuentro to The Communication Initiative on April 12 and May 16 2013.