Quiero Volar (Relaciones de noviazgo sin violencia)
I Want to Fly: Dating Without Violence

This educational package includes an 18-minute special episode of Sexto Sentido, a Nicaraguan TV programme produced by Puntos de Encuentro that provides sexual and reproductive health education in the accessible format of a soap opera. This episode deals with domestic violence and abusive relationships by presenting a 16-year-old girl (Elena)'s struggle first in helping her mother deal with an abusive husband (Elena's father) and then in overcoming her own desire to maintain an abusive courtship. The objective of this video is to reflect, recognise, and question gender violence and its multiple expressions, particularly in relationships between adolescent men and women. By showing one girl's struggle with the violence of her father towards her mother and then her own relationship, as well as the support she receives from her friends in recognising the signs of violence, the video provides a forum for discussion on how young men and women can stop relationship-based gender violence.

The supporting educational material contains:

Section 1 - Machismo and violence in dating - the purpose of this section is to discuss: how gender identities are built; love and sexuality in adolescence and the teen years; and machismo and gender violence and its manifestations.

  • The supposed "eternal love"
  • Gender, love, and sexuality
  • Love and sex in dating/courtship
  • Dating relationships and violence
  • Types of violence in dating relationships
    • Psychological or emotional violence
    • Physical violence
    • Sexual violence
  • Moving towards non-violent dating relationships

Section 2 - How to use the "I Want to Fly" educational materials

  • Objective of the video
  • Synopsis
  • Issues the video deals with
  • Who to use the video with
  • Guidelines for good facilitation
    • Before using the educational material
    • About group facilitation

Section 3 - Methodological guides for facilitating reflection and analysis in groups

  • Debate Forums
  • Consciousness raising sessions
    • Domestic violence and gender
    • Violence in relationships
    • "To fly…. and get ahead"
    • Making a personal plan
    • Some signs of violence in a relationship


Section 4 is a bibliography of all the materials consulted in producing this episode of Sexto Sentido.


Editor's note, November 4 2016: Our apologies, but this resource is no longer available online.



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Email from Irene Lindenhovius of Puntos de Encuentro to The Communication Initiative on May 16 2013.