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23 min
Year of Production: 
January 1, 2013
Spanish, English subtitles


This video from Puntos de Encuentro is a special edition from the family drama television series Contracorriente (Turning the Tide), made for the educational pack "Cambia tu mundo" ("Change your world"). It presents stories of how adolescents as young as 14 years old fall prey to commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking. At the same time, it emphasises the importance of social support networks that work against this kind of crime. The educational pack includes a guide to use the film in classrooms and workshops, as well as a CD with a compilation of relevant articles and other materials. It is part of a larger campaign "Alerta y Pilas Puestas" aimed at the prevention and intervention in commercial sexual exploitation of adolescents.  

"Change your world" follows the story of Jessica, the daughter of a divorced couple who is brought by her mother to a new city with extended family. Outside of the local teen society and estranged from her mother, she is preyed upon by a man pretending to be her friend and showing romantic interest in her with personal motives to market her to clients. The film ends with a plea from the main character to young girls and their families to maintain good communications with trusted family and friends and be alert to exploitation.


Email from Amy Bank to The Communication Initiative on April 16 and April 26 2013.