Documenting Vaccine Introductions: A Guide for Developing Case Studies and Human Interest Stories

"During each vaccine introduction, national immunization programs learn valuable lessons about what works and what doesn't work. Unfortunately, in the resource-scare world of global public health,...

How to Deal with Vaccine Hesitancy?


Health Communication and Vaccine Hesitancy


Strategies for Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy - A Systematic Review


Vaccine Hesitancy: Definition, Scope and Determinants

  "Vaccine hesitancy is complex and context specific, varying across time, place and vaccines. It is influenced by factors such as complacency, convenience and confidence."

Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy: The Potential Value of Commercial and Social Marketing Principles and Practices


Citizens' Engagement Required to Resolve Pakistan's Polio Problem!

Author: Aijaz Ali Khuwaja, August 11 2015 - Polio is now a bone of contention between Pakistan and rest of the globe. A warning by the Chairman of Independent Monitoring Board (IMB) published in...

Live: The Polio Journey to Eradication

Updates on global and country polio developments - news, data, critiques, insights - with links to relevant articles, tweets, Facebook posts, Vines, web sites, blogs, journal papers and other sources...
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Author: Nellie Bristol, July 24 2015 - July 24 marks a significant milestone in the global effort to eradicate polio: Nigeria, one of the countries where wild poliovirus has proven hardest to extinguish, has reported no cases of the disease for a...

"I wouldn't have allowed those vaccinators with the medical jackets who knock on my door, to enter my home, if it were not for the programme." - Father, Galkayo

"Advocacy is defined as: A strategic effort to achieve change by creating political commitment and an 'enabling' environment. In immunisation, this means, for example, ensuring decision makers have the information and evidence to make good...

"While the [polio eradication] programme has gained information as to why these children have remained unvaccinated, it has yet to fully elaborate on how it will address the causes of persistently missed children, and thus reduce their...

"...[M]ass media, branding and programme communication activities should reinforce, not distract from, improved operational performance of vaccinators...""

To support the addition of inactivated poliomyelitis vaccine (IPV) to a national immunisation programme, this guide offers a range of checklists, tools, templates, examples, and best practices to support the effective planning and implementation...

"Home-based vaccination records play an important role in documenting immunization services received by individuals, yet current evidence suggests these tools are too often underutilized. Furthermore, home-based records currently vary in...

"The circumstances of household thinking about community, livelihood, health and vaccination are complex. To reduce this protean calculus to a short list of population proportions and individuated causations is to undermine and...

The following peer-reviewed journal articles focus on the use of communication to address routine immunisation (RI) issues around the world. Michael Favin of the Manoff Group alerted The Communication Initiative (The CI) to these publications on...

"...the widespread penetration and use of phones in Somalia meant that it was appropriate for reaching hard-to-reach communities and represented a relevant mechanism to deliver health and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) information."...

"The idea is for every midwife to give an activated VIR [vaccine indicator reminder] band to every infant they attend to in the community, and the VIR band will indicate to the parents the 'Number of Weeks Unprotected' for their child."

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