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Author: Mariama Khai Fornah, October 28 2014 - Here in Sierra Leone, the Ebola virus continues to spread, and misinformation spreads with it.

Author: Georgis Bashar, October 27 2014 - Ujan Ganger Naiya (Sailing Against the Tide) is a TV drama about teenage sisters in a rural village in Bangladesh. They each marry despite the youngest sister Anika being only 16 and desperate to complete her education. As the drama unfolds, we learn more about the dangers of early pregnancy...

Author: Raj Panjabi, October 20 2014 - With war or a disease like Ebola, fear is natural. It seems like people all around you are dying. People you love, people you take care of, people who take care of you.

In such a context of enormous grief, it is human to imagine that these deaths are the result of a "curse" or conspiracy.

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