To: Soul Beat Africa Network

Re: Consultation: Global Mechanism for Communication, Media, Social and Behaviour Change

Many best wishes. The Communication Initiative and UNICEF New York (Rafael Obregon, Chief of Communication for Development leading) are workng to assess the potential added value of a new global mechanism to advance further the communication and media development, social and behaviour change field of work. There is a brief orientation to this initiative at this link. We are working to ensure that there is input into this possible development from a wide ranging set of people and organisations engaged in communication and media development, social and behavioural change.

If you are interested to engage we would love to have your input. We are very interested to learn from you about the most pressing communication and media for development priorities that you would like to see addressed at the global level in order to facilitate more effective action related to your goals and work in your context.

At this stage, for this initiative, the three main questions, on which we would very much welcome your analysis, ideas and proposals are: 

  1. What priority goals and themes would you propose as the focus of such a possible global mechanism to support you advancing your work?
  2. What strategic approach should such a possible mechanism take to work towards those goals?
  3. How would you recommend that such a mechanism be structured and organised?

The main ways to participate are:

  1. Conference Call: A series of conference calls are planned. The initial one is for interested people and organisations in East and Southern Africa and will take place Thursday, March 9th at 4:30 pm Nairobi timeIf you are in East and Southern Africa and wish to participate please let me know by reply email and I will send the agenda and participation access details. The dates for consultations in other regions of Africa will follow soon.  
  2. Contribute through this forum: To contribute your assessment and ideas, and to share them with others for their information and response, please either follow the links in this note and comment, or simply send those ideas by email reply to this note.
  3. Survey: Please complete the brief survey at this link. This survey includes some of the most important questions for this initiative.
  4. Group: Please Join the Group specifically set up for this process at this link.

With many thanks. We would very much welcome your input and ideas based on your experience and analysis. Please let me know if you have any queries or questions. 

Best wishes - Warren

Warren Feek            
Executive Director          
The Communication Initiative