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April 17, 2018

Can basic income contribute towards SDG 5 on Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment?

Author: Ranjani K. Murthy, April 17 2018* - The basic income movement has a long history. As used now, a basic income is a periodic cash payment unconditionally delivered to all on an individual...

April 17, 2018

Silent refusals and distrust of vaccines is a big challenge for vaccination teams

Author: Abdul Salam Afridi, March 23 2018: After the fake immunization campaign in a failed attempt to get Osama bin Laden's DNA lineages prior to his assassination in 2011, the efforts of polio...

March 28, 2018

Facing the Elephant in the Room: Sexual harassment holding women down

Author: Lilian Saka Kiefer, April 17 2018 - I recently attended a meeting on empowering women for leadership in politics and in public administration. The meeting provided a platform to reflect...

March 20, 2018

Cultura y empresa, sinergias en favor de la sociedad (I)

Por: Soraya Carvajal B. Durante el III Foro Cultura y Empresa, se destacó el valor de la narración y de las historias como estrategias de comunicación, engagement y reputación corporativa. En el...

February 22, 2018

Mujeres y gaming, mucho terreno por conquistar

Author: Soraya Carvajal B., publicado el 28 de febrero 2018 - El sector de los videojuegos y los eSports está creciendo y ganando jugadores y audiencias a nivel mundial, pero tanto en España...

February 20, 2018

Women making history in Nepal - the story of Sajha Sawal

Author: BBC Media Action's Pratibha Tuladhar, originally posted February 19 2018 - As Sajha Sawal (Common Questions) takes a break, we revisit the questions and answers that changed lives - and the...

February 12, 2018

Rohingya crisis: When information is a matter of life and death

Author: BBC Media Action's Executive Director Caroline Nursey, originally posted February 7 2018 - The scale of the humanitarian crisis is visible on the road winding away from Cox's Bazar long...

February 9, 2018

DFID's "transparency revolution" is welcome - but supporting independent media is urgent and challenging

Author: BBC Media Action's James Deane, originally posted on February 7 2018 - The UK Department for International Development's commitment to undertake a "transparency revolution" is welcome. Their...

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