The Open Society Institute (OSI) fellowship programme supports idea entrepreneurs from around the world. The Open Society Fellowship enables professionals, including journalists, activists, scholars, and practitioners, to work on projects that inspire meaningful public debate, shape public policy, and generate intellectual ferment within OSI. A fellowship project might identify a problem that has not previously been recognised, develop new policy ideas to address familiar problems, or offer a new advocacy strategy. They are encouraged to organise and participate in conferences and programme events and may be asked to run seminars involving OSI staff and outside colleagues.

Fellowships are awarded for one year. In some cases, OSI considers requests for shorter or longer durations. Preference is given to applications for full-time fellowships, but OSI also considers applicants who can only work part-time on their projects.

A fellow's stipend is based on several factors, including the fellow's experience, seniority, prior earnings, and the cost of living in the city where he/she is based. The stipend does not necessarily equal the applicant's current salary. Applicants' dependents are not factored into the stipend calculations. The fellowship does not fund enrolment for degree or non-degree study at academic institutions, including support for dissertation research.

Proposals are accepted year-round and evaluated within 2-3 months of entry on a schedule posted on the OSI website. Those received by January 17 2011 will be evaluated by April 29 2011. Those received by July 18 2011 will be evaluated by October 18 2011. Further deadlines will be posted on the OSI website as necessary.

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Proposals accepted year-round

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All interested applicants should complete the online application form, which requires registering on the website, and submit supporting materials for consideration. Click here for more information and access to the application in PDF format. (Only applicants without internet access should use this PDF application form.)

The sponsors recommend reading the FAQs before applying. Applicants may submit a project proposal or other materials in a language other than English, as long as they also submit an English translation. Certified translations are strongly recommended.


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