Hi and thanks for joining this network group to review, assess and debate the imagery used in development, particularly related to advocacy and fund-raising. It is excellent to have you engaged. The group home page is at http://groups.comminit.com/node/300788 You will need to log in - your username is above. There are now over 400 people who have joined this network so perhaps it is a good time to start the dialogue.

I am very interested in your critical analysis of the imagery used by some of the major international agencies on the home pages of their web sites. These are prime spaces for organisations that are seeking to either promote a particular policy perspective and/or raise significant funds.

So, what do you make of the imagery used on these home pages:

Save The Children - Canada

Oxfam Great Britain

Care USA


(please insert and review the agencies of your choice).

Are the images they choose consistent with good development principles?

Whose perspective and voice do those images present?

Are the images effective in building a broader constituency for development action?

On refection what do you learn about your own agency from reviewing those and other images?

(Please insert and respond to your own questions.)

Thanks - I very much look forward to this dialogue on this important issue. To contribute click on the link below, log in and click on Add New Comment at bottom of this post or "Submit a New Post" in right margin. Thanks again - Warren