Greetings to all, Apologies if this is a cross post for any of you. I'm writing with two links that interested me, not particularly on education, but on gender-related use of imagery in development, particularly health information campaigns on stigma. The first is on an HIV stigma, a campaign in Botswana using a beauty pageant as its messaging vehicle for:,9171,1032288,00.html
The second, not on HIV, I include because it has a more extensive analysis of development aid imagery, ethics, and gender. It is on a pageant for landmine victims in Cambodia.
Can anyone comment further from their own perspective on aspects of the issues raised here? I ask myself: are the gender issues the same or different whether the project is imposed by an external donor/organiser or comes as a grassroots effort? And if participants are well informed of the ethical issues and possible political and personal risks and are still enthusiastic about such a pageant, does that shift the ethical debate?
Comments are welcome!