Hi - the Award information that follows is for those of you who are Journalists and are part of his network and/or for everyone involved in this network to please communicate to your journalist friends or colleagues - many thanks.

The Institute of Development Studies (IDS) invites entries for their first awards for reporting on international development, soliciting provocative and original stories, compelling alternative narratives, and critiques, and encouraging discussion on development issues and processes. Journalists from around the world are requested to submit their best articles, news pieces, critiques, and editorials that focus on poverty alleviation, democracy and governance, rights, health, and other Millennium Development Goals.

There will be 3 awards: one of UKP 500, and two of UKP 250.

Deadline for submission of articles is July 9th 2010.

In order to participate either by submitting a story or commenting on stories submitted by others, please go to The Communication Initiative’s Development Networks Group "Awards: Media Reporting on Development" (http://groups.comminit.com/node/318017).

For more information about criteria and the awards process, see http://www.comminit.com/en/node/318253