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I guess, for people in our positions, we all wonder what key strategic principles we should work to when developing our online initiatives - principles that will drive use, engagement and impact?

Recently I had the pleasure of participating in a presentation by Dr José Luis Orihuela from the University of Navarra in Spain - see http://www.unav.es/fcom/profesores/orihuela.htm for details.

He outlined the 8 principles below. They intrigued me. I would welcome you sharing your review and critique from your local, national and international development context and perspective?

Are the ones below the 8 that you would have chosen?

What would you delete or add? Why?

To comment please go click on the link below, log in (your user name is at the beginning of this email, your password can be recovered if you have forgotten it!), scroll down and click on Add Comment. We would all benefit from everyone's substantive review of these 8 principles:

#1 Establish a consistent social media presence

#2 Produce, title and tag content to enhance findability

#3 Make your content more shareable

#4 Find, follow and contact social media influencers in your area

#5 Induce virality: crossposting and crosslinking strategies

#6 Reach traditional media

#7 Think transnational: bridgeblogging

#8 Listen, learn and monitor the conversation

Please do share your thoughts so we can all learn from each other.

Thanks - Warren

Warren Feek
Executive Director
The Communication Initiative