I'm looking for your perspective on education-based strategies for reduction of intimate partner violence:
Yes or No - Schools can play a part in societal reduction of intimate partner violence.

We need examples of school-based or community-based programmes that work. A recent WHO document states: At present, only one strategy has evidence supporting its effectiveness – and this only relates to intimate partner violence. The strategy in question is the use of school-based programmes to prevent violence within dating relationships. Evidence is, however, emerging of the effectiveness of a number of other strategies for preventing intimate partner and sexual violence, including microfinance programmes for women combined with gender-equality education; efforts to reduce access to and harmful use of alcohol; and changing social and cultural gender norms. Many more strategies appear to have potential, either on theoretical grounds or because they target known risk factors, but most of these have never been systematically implemented – let alone evaluated. (http://whqlibdoc.who.int/publications/2010/9789241564007_eng.pdf)

Please post or comment with your perspective.