We are now a network of 893 members. I'd like to survey all of you for some information and comment. I continue to be interested in the role that men play in gender, education, and HIV prevention and treatment. Those organisations that take the larger gender justice view seem to me to be on a track that might yield beneficial lessons. This document, for example: Policy Approaches to Engaging Men and Boys in Achieving Gender Equality and Health Equity http://whqlibdoc.who.int/publications/2010/9789241500128_eng.pdf points out the pressure that cultural concepts of masculinity create, resulting in negative effects on men’s health and ability to develop identities that yield positive relationships. Among other keys to successful interventions with men is this one: encourage men to reflect on the costs of hegemonic masculinity to men and women.

A project that reflects the strategy of addressing behaviours involved in the construction of masculinity is the Phuza Wize Campaign - South Africa http://www.comminit.com/en/node/316061, which uses entertainment-education to present the negative effects of alcohol abuse.

'Men-Streaming' Gender in Sexual and Reproductive Health & HIV/AIDShttp://www.ippf.org/NR/rdonlyres/CB15B464-554F-42B9-AFAA-EE0D963F4414/0/menstreaming.pdf is another document addressing policy.

Stretching the reach of education to address men on beliefs and behaviours that negatively affect them and link to gender equity issues is something we haven't explored here. Do you know of approaches that bring men into the conversation or those that have attempted it but have not been successful? Click submit a group post to the right hand side of this message and tell us about it.