‘Don’t you know Talkin about a revolution---It sounds like a whisper!’

Well not in 2011 and definitely not in Egypt!

I witnessed history being written through 25th January 2011 resulting with the stepping down of the Egyptian president on 11 February 2011 after days of violent protests. The unrest of the people of Egypt against the 30 year rule of Hosni Mubarak was fanned into a volatile revolution through the latest and most sophisticated weapon the people at large have acquired. The social media! If the CIA Director Leon Panetta’s statement is anything to go by then there are 600 million Facebook accounts, 190 million Twitter accounts and 35,000 hours of YouTube videos on the egyptian revolution.

In fact the arrest of the marketing head of Google in Egypt, Wael Ghonim, on 25th January contributed significantly to the already piqued emotions of the people of Egypt. The heat was felt soon enough and a week long ban on the internet was imposed starting 27th January. Despite the black out social technology remained the key source of live on ground information 24 hours of the day. Speak2tweet an innovation of twitter, google, and say now allowed the citizens to call through land lines and leave audio tweets.

The Egyptian revolution is the next biggest thing since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Unfortunately, closer home in India, ‘The Times of India’ one of the leading national dailies didn’t consider it worthy enough to replace the front page advertisements with this important event in the world’s history. However this too did not go unnoticed by the social media savvy people of my country. Facebook Status updates and tweets were unanimous in their censure to this callousness.

Thanks to social media we may well be preparing for our very own political/media ouster.

‘And finally the tables are starting to turn,
Talkin about a revolution’