Johannesburg, South Africa

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This course is organised by the Reproductive Health and HIV Research Unit (RHRU), a research entity of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology of the University of the Witwatersrand and a designated World Health Organisation Collaborating Centre. Applicants are selected by the course Steering Committee constituted by the RHRU, the South African MRC, and the Population Council.

The course aims:

  • to strengthen the research capabilities of participants and, through this, to increase research capacity in the African Region;
  • to provide skills in research methodology, allowing participants to initiate research, participate in research, and to critically appraise research findings;
  • to familiarise participants with the major sexual and reproductive health (SRH)/HIV issues affecting the African region; and
  • to create a network of alumni to facilitate information exchange and research collaboration in the African region.

The course covers a spectrum of related topics and areas in depth including an overview of reproductive health, qualitative and quantitative research methods, epidemiology, operations research, statistics, questionnaire design, epi-info statistical analysis package, proposal development, dissemination and utilisation of research results, clinical audit, research ethics, costing interventions, and the role of research in policy. Specific issues in reproductive health are covered. Sexually transmitted infections and HIV, mother to child transmission of HIV, gender-based violence in health research and policy, and the role of research in policy are also included, as are site visits to ongoing research projects of related interest.

The course is intended for people who:

  • are currently involved in research, are planning to undertake research and/or are required to utilise research or monitoring data within programmes, particularly in the field of SRH/Tuberculosis/HIV;
  • have a minimum standard of a degree in medicine/relevant honours degree; and
  • are experienced and involved in SRH or HIV research or programmes.

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Deadline for applications: March 5 2010.

For more information, contact: Manoj Chiba at mchiba@rhru.co.za or Sandra McIntosh at smcintosh@rhru.co.za

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