Community of Practice - Brown Bag at UNAIDS - The Communication Initiative - Wednesday 8 July 2009 - 11am to 12 noon


Participation Form




Wednesday 8 July 2009 - 11am to 12 noon




Video Conference Room 06010
UNAIDS/WHO building (D)




1. To brief you about both The Communication Initiative strategies, challenges and next major activities - see some initial insights here and next steps as we continue to build this Community of Practicel


2. To receive your feedback and critique of this process in order that we can make i even more relevant as a support process to your work 


The Participation form is below - it would be good to let UNAIDS know about people who will be attending from outside UNAIDS - thanks for completing - there is also a place for you to highlight issues you would like me to address. 


Thanks and best wishes




Warren Feek

Executive Director

The Communication Initiative



Please enter above any specific outcomes or insights you may be seeking from this meeting and if you wish please add any relevant information concerning your communication and media action and strategies - thank you