The Communication Initiative Network Meeting -  London - 6 July - 12 noon to 2pm






Monday 6 July - 12 noon to 2pm




There are 3 objectives for this meeting:


1. To learn more of the major communication and media for development trends and issues from the perspective of your agencies in order that we can better reflect, support and communicate your work and strategic thinking


2. To brief you about both T he Communication Initiative strategies, challenges and next major activities - see some initial insights here but will alos brief re things as varied as Organic Groups and an International Development News Portal


3. To receive your feedback and critique of two specific initiatives that we are considering as contributions to obtaining a higher profile and status for the communication and media for development community relative to funding and policy development processes. In summary these are:


a. A Common Declaration of Added Value for the Communication and Media Development Community Declaration - as a communication and media development community we are often asked what value we add - is there a common way to answer that question and advance the centrality of our work relative to the major international development priorities? See for example this draft at and post your comments and questions [see bottom of that page]



b. Explore and develop an argument for the communication and media equivalent of the Global Fund (GFATM) or GAVI or other major common funding vehicles - is now the time for the communication and media development community to attempt to negotiate its own major funding platform? See for example the ideas outlined here


You are invited to share your perspectives, experiences and ideas and to critique our planning ideas.





Hosted by HealthlinkWorldwide

in Rooms 1A and 1B

56-64 Leonard Street,



Contact person is: Ursula Sampson

Tel: +44 20 7549 0240
Fax: +44 20 7549 0241


Healthlink will provide sandwiches


This consultation meeting is made possible through the generosity of our partner Healthlink Worldwide - many thanks to Andrew and the team - Hope to see you on Monday the 6th July at midday - the registration form is below - a red star indicates a compulsory filed to complete. 


Warren Feek

Executive Director

The Communication Initiative



Please enter above any specific outcomes or insights you may be seeking from this meeting and if you wish please add any relevant information concerning your communication and media action and strategies - thank you

Please enter here any specific items you wish to share at this meeting - for example recent evaluations, new programme developments, policy insights - we will seek to compile these for people at the meeting - thanks