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for the online component of



“A community of practice for communications practitioners working on HIV Prevention in Southern Africa


- a network and discussion platform of people/organizations with common goals and experiences around which information is shared and discussed


- established to share information, promote synergies, workshop ideas and approaches, identify and seek support for obstacles in the implementation of programmes


- the network would be established around a virtual platform and face to face Meetings”


[from the Concept Paper]






Many thanks for stating that the “The Soul Beat virtual platform will host the community of practice.” We are honored to be asked to do this and look forward to agreeing the detailed way forward. We also look forward to the close working partnership with the other important agencies identified in the concept document.



Design Options



At this stage, rather than provide a complete design for consideration, we wanted to highlight some of the options available. By doing this we can identify both the core elements [present and future] that any design will need to incorporate and the time and cost implications.



Please note that the Soul Beat process is built on a comprehensive and expandable web 2.0 open source process which we have customised for the international development environment including HIV/AIDS. At present the Soul Beat process does not use all of the available functionality - in other words there are many more options available than can presently be seen through the Soul Beat Africa portal at www.comminit.com/en/africa



Below please indicate, by checking the relevant boxes, the functionality that you would like the portal to include. For many of the options below there are links to examples either within The SB process or on other sites that exemplify functionality that is part of the Soul Beat technical platform but not yet utilised in that process.



Please check the functionality preferences you would like to see.


There are then text boxes for you to add any further specific functionality that you would like to see incorporated; sites that you like and might provide design ideas; and any further comments, queries, observations and ideas you may wish to contribute to this process.


Thanks for doing this - very really help both the speed and relevance of the design process:


Please enter here any functionality items not mentioned above that you would like to see incorporated in this online network

Please enter here the site names and URLs for up to 5 sites that you feel have designs that will be appropriate and useful for this online network - with a brief explanation of whay you feel that they are appropriate and useful

Please enter here any further comments, questions or observations that you may have