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Year of Production: 
October 1, 2015

The Health Communication Capacity Collaborative (HC3) has produced an animated video to help explain the concept of social and behaviour change communication (SBCC). The video defines SBCC, shows how it can be applied to behaviour change in the areas of HIV, malaria, family planning, Ebola, and child survival, and outlines how to begin to devise an SBCC programme.

The animation is a companion to a print infographic HC3 produced in 2014 to explain what SBCC is, how it works and evidence that shows it works.

As explained in the video, “SBCC is the use of communication to change behaviors, including service utilization, by positively influencing knowledge, attitudes and social norms. More than just an advertisement or website, SBCC coordinates messaging across a variety of communication channels to reach multiple levels of society.”

The print and animated infographic were designed to help clarify how SBCC enhances programmes and make the case for its continued use in any public health intervention.

Health Communication Collaborative (HC3)

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