The Communication Initiative (The CI) is honoured to support your work, and we thank you for being engaged. We are positioned as a support process to your work as a social enterprise primarily funded funded by a small group of partner organisations. We are free and equitable and will remain that way for all network participants.

Our present situation involves a very small number of agencies providing the financial support necessary for a process that is utilised by thousands of organisations. It would be great to share that load in response to the growing demand on The CI network.

It would be excellent if you and/or your organisation could join the Associates programme, which provides the opportunity for many organisations to make small contributions. The suggested costs follow, along with examples of present Associates. To join and pay online, please click here. Or contact Victoria Martin with your proposed payment or any questions you may have - e.g., how many people from my organisation are involved.


Suggested Associates Contribution Levels:


US$5,000 per office - For Country, Regional, and HQ offices of major international development organisations

US$2,500 per office - For Country, Regional, and HQ offices of medium-sized international non-governmental organisations (NGOs)

US$2,000 per department - University Departments - OECD Countries

US$750 per department - University Departments - All other Countries

US$ 100 - Small, local NGOs/community-based organisations (CBOs)

US$100 to 200 - Individual


Thank you for considering this. The more we can share the financial load of The CI/Drum Beat process across a larger number of organisations and offices that using this process the better we will be able to support your important work.


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