This network specialises in the production, management and distribution of information for peace-building, contributing to regional efforts by promoting a culture of tolerance, respect for nature and supporting processes of community organisation.

The network interrelates five local projects recognised for their actions on behalf of peace and sustainable development: Belén de los Andaquíes/ Caquetá, La Cocha/Nariño, Puerto Caicedo/Putumayo, Bogotá (Neighborhoods of Bolívar City), San Gil and Pamplona/Santander. Organisations send information via email to be included in a weekly newscast that is sent to radio stations participating in the network.

The network is an interactive "system", working to generate dialogue and debate, where all the members produce information and exchange experiences on themes such as food security, environmental education, appropriation of regional and local culture, etc.
Estrategias de Comunicación: 

SIPAZ trains members of local organisations, so that they obtain the technical and conceptual tools needed for them to be and be recognised as producers of information for peace. On the other hand, SIPAZ collects and formats this information in order to bring it to a wider public from the local (neighborhood, path, municipality) to the masses (region, department, country) through a system of exchange with members of the network.


Peace, Culture, Community-building.

Puntos clave: 

The news features of SIPAZ favour questions and alternatives over vioence and spectacle; SIPAZ focuses on the everyday and routine - women, children, peasants, community organisations, poetry, music, common contests, and the undertakings of the neighborhoods of member stations.

Socio de texto: 

Asociación para el Desarrollo Campesino, Ecofondo, Procomún, Corporación Nuevo Milenio de Putumayo, Fundación Colombia Multicolor, Fundación Comunarte de Belén de los Andaquíes.


Translated from Spanish on La Iniciativa de Comunicaci