Abril 9, 2001

1. The World Links for Development (WorLD) programme - provides Internet connectivity and training for teachers, teacher trainers and students in developing countries in the use of technology in education. WorLD links students and teachers in secondary schools in developing countries with schools in industrialized countries for collaborative learning via the Internet.

2. - a portal to "boost the development and wealth of Africans and people of African descent, in all spheres of social, political, cultural and economical advancement." With links to news media in Africa.

3. People on War - a worldwide project that intends to increase awareness around the world of the rules that already exist for people's protection in wartime and to encourage discussion of humanitarian law in the context of modern-day conflict. It has been designed to involve those who have experience of war.

4. December 18 - an online network for the promotion and protection of the Rights of Migrant Workers. Special focus on the situation of women migrant workers. Provides interactive tools, including databases, full text documents and a search engine.

5. AppuKids - a site for kids in India (in English) with a kid-specific search engine, educational games, and a space for kids to contribute poems, jokes, stories and puzzles.



The Drum Role - Issue #8 - Everything Smelled of Money

A group of young photojournalists from working-class families in Dhaka are interviewed about their experiences as their work brings them into contact with the world of wealth, aid agencies and big business.


6. The Life in Africa Foundation - a cultural entertainment site dedicated to promoting a positive message about Africa and to raising funds for microfinance. Contains over 300 pages of unique cultural content, including human interest stories, poetry, short-stories, recipes, proverbs, art, fashion and images from around the continent.

7. Community Media Network Ireland (CMN) - facilitates those using different media to support progressive development and social justice. Brings together groups and individuals involved in community video and photography, community radio, Internet, alternative print media and access television.

8. Top 50 African Web Sites - web portal Woyaa has chosen the 50 African Web sites they think are best in Education, Science, Culture, Public information and Community Development (10 in each).

9. The Haiti Support Group - news and information about current events and issues in Haiti from the perpsective of grassroots, popular organizations.

10. Generation X: Intergenerational Theatre Projects - Following the 1991 riots in Ely and subsequent social upheaval experienced in cities throughout the UK, Small World Theatre worked with pensioners and teenagers between 1995 and 2000 to explore tensions in the community. They used the media of puppetry and participatory theatre to explore differences and build trust between pensioners and teenagers.

11. Horizons AIDSQuest: The HIV/AIDS Survey Library - provides standardized questionnaires for programming use. Brings together prominently and less-widely used surveys in an attempt to encourage the widespread use of the same or similar questions in surveys worldwide to facilitate comparison and validity of results, and to provide a forum for new and innovative surveys or scales. Surveys are designed for use in the USA, as well as in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Includes a summary of the development and use of each survey.

12. Nai Zindagi - founded in 1990 to provide quality drug treatment services to drug users and their families in Pakistan. It was established by a group of personally affected people (ex drug users) to introduce appropriate, accessible, low cost and holistic approaches to drug treatment and rehabilitation, with an objective of improving the overall standards of drug services in the country.

13. Earth Report - a weekly series on environmental issues from Television Trust for the Environment (TVE). Over 70 television films on sustainable development issues for educators and campaigners, all available at cost on VHS, with clips previewable on Quicktime.

14. World Aid Web - every time you search the web using their search engine, or click on a specially marked sponsor banner, a few cents are raised. Run by UN volunteers - funds go to provide aid for disaster victims such as survivors of the Indian earthquake disaster and survivors of the Mozambique flood.

15. World Aid Shopping - also developed by a team of UN volunteers, a non-profit mega store. Stocks the same types of items as Amazon - over 500,000 and growing - at similar discount prices but all "profits" go to the UN World Food Program and the WMF International Children's Fund.

16. UNICEF Myanmar - includes content about the new Country Programme for Children & Women in Myanmar (Burma) 2001-2005. Click on "Programmes" at the top of the page.

17. Maximising Access and Quality - an initiative to apply "state-of-the-art methods" to maximize access to and quality of family planning and other selected reproductive health services.

18. The Horn of Africa NGO Network for Development (HANND) - a collaboration of some 40 indigenous organizations and civil society leaders in the countries of the Horn of Africa (Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan and Uganda).

19. MESOB - InterAfrica Group's NGO Networking Service, this is a portal to information about civil society networking and development in Ethiopia.

20. AFRILINE - links communities in development, 'level the [information technology] playing field', facilitate exchange of knowledge, experience and expertise among organizations, and encourage the flow of information from African civil society to international institutions and decision-makers.

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