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The next Social and Behavioural Change Summit will take place in Nusa Dua, Indonesia from April 16th to 20th, 2018. From the What Works? perspective, the main themes of the Summit are Shifting Norms, Changing Behaviours and Amplifying Voice. There will be an emphasis across all Development issues.

This space will provide an opportunity for people attending and not attending this event but interested in its themes to extend the conversation and learning beyond the confines of the Summit itself.  

An outline of the rationale and focus of the Summit can be seen at this link. More details will follow soon including abstracts submissions, registration information and links, Summit programme, keynote speakers and so on.

If you have an interest in the themes of this summit please do log in and click Join in top right block to participate.

We are commencing this process with an update thread.

This Summit is being planned by a small Secretariat that includes staff from the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs, Soul City Institute for Social Justice, UNICEF, BBC Media Action and The Communication Initiative, with guidance from a Steering Committee that includes people from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Breakthrough ; Center for Communication Programs Pakistan;
Consortium for Press Freedom, Indonesia; DASRA; Feminahip; Citurna/Imaginario Foundation ; Minga Peru; Oxfam; PSI; USAID; Universidad de los Banos, Philippines; and Wellcome Trust.

Thanks - please email at if there are any queries.