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04:31 minutes
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Enero 1, 2008

Through testimonies of homosexual men and women and their families, Preconceptions seeks to affirm that intolerance can be the worst violence against people.

Preconceptions is part of the History of All of Us series of short documentary films that present themes such as HIV transmission, AIDS testing, high quality prenatal care, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), the challenges for people living with HIV/AIDS, preconceptions, and alcohol and other drug use. In addition, it seeks to stimulate discussions around these issues.

There are seven pieces that can be presented in waiting rooms at health care clinics or in any place where there is a desire to stimulate discussion about HIV/AIDS and STDs (schools, universities, doctors´ offices, etc.), as well as on television channels. For this, there are both one-minute and thirty-second versions of each piece.

The History of All of Us was produced by the Department of STD/AIDS and Viral Hepatitis of the Brazilian Ministry of Public Health, an entity that is cited as a worldwide reference point for the treatment and attention to AIDS and other STDs.

Together with the Secretariat of Healthcare Vigilance of the Ministry of Public Health, the Department of STD/AIDS and Viral Hepatitis works to reduce the transmission of HIV/AIDS and viral hepatitis and to promote quality of life among patients. Its mission is to formulate and foster public policies around STDs, HIV/AIDS, and viral hepatitis in an ethical, efficient, and participatory manner, based on human rights and under the principles and directives of the Brazilian Unified Health System (SUS). At the same time, it develops strategies of behavioural intervention for the general population and for vulnerable groups, fosters and implements health service models for primary and secondary prevention of HIV and STDs, and develops large-scale campaigns and organises events to circulate information to increase awareness and information among the population related to the risk of infection with STDs and HIV.

Series of seven short documentaries

Information sent to La Iniciativa de Comunicación by the STD/AIDS and Viral Hepatitis Department of the Brazilian Ministry of Public Health, in response to the Convocatoria "Inventario de producciones audiovisuales brasileras en VIH/SIDA" (Call for “Inventory of Brazilian Audiovisual Productions on HIV/AIDS”) and accessed for The Communication Initiative website on August 15 2011.

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Department of STD/AIDS and Viral Hepatitis, Brazilian Ministry of Public Health
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