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February 22, 2016

Contributions of Latin American Perspectives to a Global Theory of Health Communication

“The Latin American theoretical tradition provides insights into self-determination, local ownership and empowerment as central to the “praxis” in communication with participants actively involved in...

November 4, 2015

The Urban Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Social and Behavior Change Communications Implementation Kit

"The social and cultural context surrounding young people growing up in urban areas is...different, in both positive and negative ways, affecting the health behaviors of young men and women, which...

November 2, 2015

Integrating Family Planning and Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health Services

This  cumulative resource, open to reader contributions, is intended for those who are integrating family planning with maternal, newborn, and child health services throughout the life cycle....

September 7, 2015

Fighting Fear and Stigma with Accurate Information

"As someone who has worked with and in the media, I ...know that lack of accurate information is a big driver of fear and trauma, which in turn can easily translate into stigma and a withholding of...

September 4, 2015

Desk Review and Qualitative Assessment of Malaria Case Management Social and Behavior Change Communication Strategies in Four Countries: Ethiopia, Rwanda, Senegal and Zambia

"The purpose of this desk review is to identify promising SBCC practices related to malaria case management at both community and service provider levels in the four focus countries: Zambia, Ethiopia...

September 2, 2015

Assessment of Family Planning Use in Bauchi and Sokoto States, Nigeria

"The focus of this report is to understand the family planning [FP] context in Northern Nigeria through a literature review. It will also assess changes in modern contraceptive use in Bauchi and...

September 1, 2015

Pakistan Health Communication Project

Pakistan Health Communication Project (HCP), a programme of Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs (JHU-CCP), funded by the United States Agency for International Development (...

September 1, 2015

EVIH-T - Haiti

Launched in November 2013 and ongoing through 2017, this social and behaviour change communication (SBCC) campaign was carried out as part of the National AIDS Control Program’s (NACP) efforts in...

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