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mHealth for Development: The Opportunity of Mobile Technology for Healthcare ...

mHealth for Development: The Opportunity of Mobile Technology for Healthcare in the Developing World
This 70-page report is a response to mounting interest in the field of mHealth - the provision of health-related services via mobile technologies. It is part of a series of publications from the United Nations Foundation and Vodafone Foundation ...

How Mobile Phone Technology Can Fight Maternal Mortality

This article from the UN Dispatch of the United Nations Foundation contains Fabiano Teixeira da Cruz's preview remarks for a conference panel discussion on “Mobilizing Reproductive Health: Ho

Health Affairs: E-Health in the Developing World

This issue of Health Affairs focuses on aspects of e-health in the developing and developed world.

The Perfect Device for the Developing World is Not the PC

From a series of columns in, this article by Quocirca's Clive Longbottom points out that computers are not part

What Do We Do with Culture? Engaging Culture in Development

This 6-page paper, published as Exchange Findings No. 3, seeks to explore the ways that focusing on social context and culture can strengthen development communication issues. The paper suggest

Organisations Involved

Organisations Involved are those organisations that have supported a project, have produced a publication, have implemented an evaluation, etc. either by themselves or in partnership.

Making Waves: Stories of Participatory Communication for Social Change

A study of the field of participatory communication for social change and how it is evolving.

Communications and Social Change [conceptual model] - The Rockefeller Foundation

This summary is based on a power point presentation that included the Conceptual Model of Communication for Social Change from November 2001. PRINCIPLES & TRENDS

Flamme (Flame)

Flamme (Flame) is an electronic forum that was originally designed for women to share and exchange ideas, strategies, information, and issues related to the impact of implementing the Beijing Plus Fiv

Communication for Social Change in Latin America: Contexts, Theories and ...

1. This talk, background and purpose: I conceived this talk in response to certain suggestions from Warren Feek for both Rafael Obregon's and my presentation two weeks ago.

Radio Documentaries: A Best-Kept Secret No More

"I've been in public radio my entire career," says WBEZ's Johanna Zorn. "You get a little tired of being a best-kept secret."

Making Waves: Stories of Participatory Communication for Social Change

Prepared for the Rockefeller Foundation. Available with permission of the author and per a license agreement with the Communication for Social Change (CFSC) Consortium.

Making Waves: Foreword

Making Waves Stories of Participatory Communication for Social Change Foreword By Denise Gray-Felder

Making Waves: Stories of Participatory Communication for Social Change - ...

Video, as a communication tool for development and social change, has always been the subject of comparisons and disputes among the film and the television industries. In order to gain its own identity, the video tool for development had to ...