This year’s SBBC Summit, I expect to learn different approaches, techniques and methodologies used by different participants in other places of the world that I could adopt for SBBC programs in Uganda. What my organisation has done so far in Uganda is design a media tool; a drama series which reflected real issues in post-conflit societies. Through this tool, we demonstrated alternative ways of dealing with conflict. The target audience watched the drama series and were able to dialogue, afterwards, on the issues the realized as one community. One year later, the native participants have continued to carry on and share the message of peace and reconciliation among their peers which is yielding positive results as far as collaborating for development. Our fous was on promoting intercultural dialogues and social cohesion among post-conflict multicultural communities. This came as a result of stagnant development in these communities which could have accelerated through collaborative problem solving among the different cultural groups. Our strategy was to influence a change in their social behaviors of the people in the target communities so that they are receptive towards one another, persons of different genders, tribe , physical ability and social status.