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Year of Production: 
March 1, 2008

Population Services International (PSI)/PASMO Belize produced this public service announcement (PSA) to support a change in social norms surrounding condom use in Belize. in 2006, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) supported studies of promotion and use of the FC2 female condom. Due to the perception that males control male condom use and the corresponding behaviours, this video short was developed to show female control of female condom use, providing the user with sexual and reproductive health protection.


The "Got it? Get it." (GIGI) campaign, a part of PSI/PASMO Belize's promotion of the norm of consistent condom use and accessibility, provided added value to this and other PSAs through establishing locations of condom sales "promoting a safe and friendly environment wherever the GIGI logo exists".


The PSI/Pasmo Belize website, August 25 2011.

Production Company: 
Population Services International (PSI)/PASMO Belize