Produced in Botswana for Pact, a United States-based international non-governmental organisation, this set of picture codes was developed as material to be used in group outreach sessions to stimulate discussion around behaviours which put people at risk of HIV infection. The situations and related behaviours include sexual violence, alcohol abuse, concurrent sexual partners, and sex for money or gifts.

The picture codes are visually driven and feature photographs of real people in situations which provide choices for specific behaviours. Accompanying each photograph is a list of questions for the outreach worker to ask group participants in order to stimulate discussion. These are followed by a list of "talking points" or information the outreach worker can share with participants. The picture codes also come with a set of instructions on how to best use them as an educational resource.

The following picture codes are available to download as MS Powerpoint presentations (click on the title to download the document):

Picture Codes on Abstinence

Picture Codes on Alcohol Abuse Reduction

Picture Codes on Sexual Behaviour Choices

Picture Codes on Gender and Sexual Abuse Reduction

Picture Codes on Better Couple Communication

Picture Codes on Values and Goal Setting

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Email from Iain McLellan to The Communication Initiative on May 5 2008.