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Publication Date: 
May 1, 2017

This workshop curriculum seeks to offer additional, advanced guidance for practitioners who are already experienced in using the Designing for Behavior Change (DBC) framework to design determinant-based behaviour change strategies. “The DBC framework is a relatively easy-to-use tool that helps project designers and implementers to design (redesign or modify) an evidence-based behavior change strategy or intervention so that it is more effective in prompting beneficiaries to adopt a new behavior. It does this by identifying, through simple formative research, which determinants of behavior change are blocking or enabling the practice of the behavior, and then planning a strategy that addresses those barriers and motivators.”(from Designing for Behavior Change: A Practical Field Guide)

This advanced course curriculum was developed after a review of completed DBC frameworks and discussions with practitioners indicated a desire and an opportunity for more in-depth discussion and practice in linking the results from their barrier analysis studies to effective activities. The curriculum therefore seeks to give more attention to designing activities that directly link to the results of formative research.

This curriculum covers the following topics:

  • The DBC Framework
  • Determinants of Behaviour Change
  • Barrier Analysis Data
  • Bridges to Activities
  • Data-driven Behaviour Change Activities

By the end of this course, participants will have:

  • Reviewed the DBC Framework
  • Reviewed the determinants of behaviour change
  • Examined guidance for interpreting Barrier Analysis data
  • Practiced writing Bridges to Activities
  • Listed typical behaviour change activities
  • Matched behaviour change activities to determinants
  • Identified Bridges to Activities addressed by given activities
  • Practiced describing a behaviour change activity
  • Critiqued a behaviour change activity description using a Quality Improvement and Verification Checklist (QIVC)
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