UNICEF, with Rafael Obregon (Chief, Communication for Development, UNICEF New York) leading and The Communication Initiative, through Warren Feek (Executive Director) are holding a series of consultations, to gather views, opinions and ideas on what kind of global mechanism could be helpful for supporting advancements in the scale, sustainability, relevance and influence of programmes, strategies and organisations that develop and implement initiatives rooted in communication and media development, social and behaviour change.


The global development tapestry has seen the growth of a series of such mechanisms seeking to advance particular fields of work. For example, WASH for All; the Global Partnership for Education and, the Global Partnership on Violence Against Children, amongst others.

As we have reviewed these mechanisms it is clear that there are a range of differing goals and roles including:

  • Raising technical standards;
  • Advocating value and impact;
  • Engaging in policy debates and dialogue;
  • Coordinating action;
  • Accrediting data;
  • Expanding funding levels; and,
  • Acting as a legitimate global point of contact for policymakers, funders and other major global players in development.

What kind of mechanism - priority, strategy, structure?

The major question for the social and behaviour change, communication and media for development field of work is what kind of mechanism – focus and structure - could help to advance our field of work. Consequently, there will be 3 major themes to the consultation that we will be holding. From your perspective and experience: 

  1. What priority goals and themes would you propose as the focus of such a possible mechanism?
  2. What strategic approach should such a possible mechanism take to work towards those goals?
  3. How would you recommend that such a mechanism be structured and organised?

Options paper

The analysis, views and ideas expressed in this and other consultations will feed into an options paper that is being developed. That paper will be the key document for an all-interested-parties meeting to be convened in April 2017 in order to negotiate and agree a way forward.  

No duplication!

One quick clarification concerning this process. There is no intention at all to replace any of the present global processes that are active on communication and media development, social and behaviour change within the Development community. The question is whether there is something missing, an important missing piece, that would help everyone.

Please do contribute through the comments process and the planned consultations. We are most happy to answer any questions. And we very much hope welcome ideas, analysis and crituque.

Warren Feek
Executive Director
The Communication Initiative

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