[Editor's note: Below are descriptions of the institutional review boards (IRBs)/ethics committees of the organisations that provided ethical guidance and approval for a study on polio immunisation in Nigeria that is being conducted by Public Health Services and Solutions (PHSS) and The Communication Initiative (The CI) with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The purpose of this study is to identify, quantify, and analyse the combined effects of social and material factors, at the micro-level, that appear to associate with incidence of missed children by household in a given community.]

  1. University of East Anglia (UEA) Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences Research Ethics Committee - Located in the United Kingdom (UK), UEA's Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences focuses its research on: clinical medicine, epidemiology and public health, health services research, dietary influences on health, nursing and rehabilitation sciences, and clinical psychology. "For some research undertaken in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and which involves NHS [National Health Service] patients, staff or premises, you will need to follow NHS research ethics and governance procedures to secure formal ethical approval." Click here to read the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences Research Ethics Committee's letter of approval [PDF].
  2. Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Health (Public Health Institutional Review) - PHIRST - Located in the United States (US), the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health "is committed to protecting the rights and welfare of all individuals who participate as subjects in research. The School has two on-site Institutional Review Boards (IRB X and IRB FC) and an external IRB (the Western IRB) that reviews certain studies on our behalf. It is the responsibility of faculty and students to ensure that formal IRB approval is obtained before initiating contact with human subjects in any research project." Click here to read the JHSPH Institutional Review Board Office exemption declaration notice in PDF format..
  3. National Health Research Ethics Committee Nigeria (NHREC) - Located in Nigeria, NHREC does the following: determines guidelines for the functioning of health research ethics committees; registers and audits health research ethics committees; sets norms and standards for conducting research on humans and animals; adjudicates in complaints about the functioning of health research ethics committees and hears complaints by researchers who believe they have been discriminated against by a health research ethics committee; refers to the relevant statutory health professional council matters involving the violation or potential violation of an ethical or professional rule by a health care provider; institutes disciplinary action when indicated; and advises the Federal Ministry of Health and State Ministries on ethical issues concerning research. Click here to read the NHREC's letter of approval [PDF].