The United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF) invites civil society organisations to submit proposals for funding for projects to advance and support democracy. Project proposals may be submitted on-line between November 15 2012 and December 31 2012. UNDEF's primary purpose is to strengthen the voice of civil society and ensure the participation of all groups in democratic practices. The Fund complements current United Nations efforts to strengthen and expand democracy worldwide and funds projects that enhance democratic dialogue and support for constitutional processes, civil society empowerment, including the empowerment of women, civic education and voter registration, citizen's access to information, participation, rights, and the rule of law in support of civil society and transparency and integrity.

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Deadline Date
Deadline Date: 
December 31, 2012
Application Info: 

The fund is open to civil Society organisations, non-governmental organisations, independent, constitutional bodies, global and regional inter-government bodies, organisations, and associations. UNDEF invites proposals for projects that either take place in one country only (local), or occur in several specified states of a region or sub-region (regional) or intend to operate at the global level (global). UNDEF will reserve at least 70% of its programmable resources in each funding round for projects taking place in one country and will allocate no more than 30% to global/regional projects.

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United Nations website on December 10 2012.