Peace Projects is a grant programme launched by The Journalists and Writers Foundation (JWF) to support innovative conflict resolution and peacebuilding projects focused on preventing, managing and resolving violent conflict and promoting post-conflict peacebuilding. The project is currently soliciting proposals for creative and innovative projects that aim to prevent and constructively respond to conflicts around the world. Peace Projects will award projects from a broad range of disciplines and skills, and will provide funds for projects up to US$50,000.

Some of the possible themes include:

  • Inter-communal and inter-state dialogue/cooperation
  • Peace education
  • Pluralism and multiculturalism
  • Youth, conflict, and peacebuilding
  • Early warning and conflict prevention
  • Mediation and negotiation
  • Post-conflict reconciliation
  • Disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration
  • Good governance, rule of law and transitional justice
  • Poverty reduction, development and peacebuilding
  • Gender equality and empowerment.

Project activities may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Academic functions (i.e organising workshops, conference or panels, empirical research, and publications)
  • Community outreach (i.e. affordable housing initiatives, community building initiatives, gang violence prevention, migrant population initiatives, neighbour relations initiatives)
  • Education (i.e curriculum development, teacher training, exchange programmes, field trips, student organisations)
  • Capacity building (i.e. conflict resolution training, training of trainers, leadership skills, facilitation skills, management skills)
  • Grassroots organisation (i.e. employment initiatives, faith-based initiatives, gender equality initiatives, peace initiatives, social justice initiatives)
  • Media (e.g., arts, journalism, social media, apps for change, documentary)

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Deadline Date
Deadline Date: 
September 30, 2013
Application Info: 

Non-profit organisations and individuals (including but not limited to academicians, activists, artists, community organisers, educators, filmmakers, journalists, scholars, social workers, and students) from all nationalities are eligible to apply.

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Peace Projects website on August 25 2013.