WHO Tiered-Effectiveness Counseling Is Rights-Based Family

"Contraceptive effectiveness is the leading characteristic for most women when choosing a method, but they often are not well-informed about effectiveness of methods. Because of the serious...

Documenting Vaccine Introductions: A Guide for Developing Case Studies and Human Interest Stories

"During each vaccine introduction, national immunization programs learn valuable lessons about what works and what doesn't work. Unfortunately, in the resource-scare world of global public health,...

How to Deal with Vaccine Hesitancy?


Social Mobilisation, Advocacy and Communication for Nutrition

"Social mobilization, advocacy and communications is a growing priority for SUN countries and increasingly seen as an integral part of the national nutrition strategy.  Countries are at very...

Health Communication and Vaccine Hesitancy


Strategies for Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy - A Systematic Review


Knowledge Management for Health and Development Toolkit

"Knowledge management (KM) is an umbrella term encompassing the many unique but related facets of creating, organizing, sharing, and using information and experiences." From the K4Health Toolkits...

Vaccine Hesitancy: Definition, Scope and Determinants

  "Vaccine hesitancy is complex and context specific, varying across time, place and vaccines. It is influenced by factors such as complacency, convenience and confidence."
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The Communication Initiative Network and Partnership convenes the communication and media for development, social and behavioural change community to share knowledge, connect, debate relevant issues, and critically review each other's work in order to advance effective development action across and between all development priorities. Contact Warren


"Sexual harassment in public places is found to be one of the major causes of girls’ dropping out of school; this causes an increase in child and early forced marriage." Sheepa Hafiza

Panel Discussion: Spotlight on Progress "...

"I learned about my rights... my right to play and to choose what I wanted to become." Furaha Pascal Karimiko

Panel Discussion: Spotlight on Progress "Securing the Way to Healthy Adulthood and Leadership for Girls"

"The Adolescent Girls Empowerment Programme is for the most vulnerable girls ages 10-19 in Zambia….Evidence shows that economic aspects of girls’ lives can act as key barriers in translating health knowledge into health behaviour change.” Karen...

"What we did was primarily to build the life skills of young people... and we also used sports... to build their self-confidence and self-esteem... We give them capacities in such a way that they can ...build communities and address various...

"I founded JAGRITI Youth ...to really dismantle the oppression that children face literally from womb to tomb, as they grow into adulthood." Rema Nanda

Panel Discussion: Spotlight on Progress "Securing the Way to Healthy Adulthood...

"We train local people to do local things... to approach local situations..." John Chua

Panel Discussion: Spotlight on Progress "Moving up the Agenda: Public and Political"

"We started in 2008 with four girls who wanted to talk about this, at that time, extremely taboo issue [FGM], and we've since grown to a group of well over one hundred young people, including many boys." Lisa Zimmerman

"The End FGM action campaign led by Amnesty International started in 2009 with one main objective: It was to make sure that stopping female genital mutilation would become a priority for the European Union." Elise Petitpas

Panel Discussion: Spotlight on Progress "Moving up the Agenda: Public and Political"

Author: Suman Chowdhury Mony, August 31 2015 - A very nice shiny morning. The hills show their natural beauty. Suddenly clouds have come and surrounded the whole area. After ten minutes, clouds have gone and everything gets clearly visible. It...

Panel Discussion: Spotlight on Progress "Moving up the Agenda: Public and Political"

"[The DFID Girls' Education Challenge] is about resources... it's about partnering... but it is also about levering more than just the individual project, so we invested ...in evaluation of the programmes which will track over 70,000 girls in...

"It is not a coincidence that Malawi, which is one of the countries with one of the highest exclusion rates for girls, also has one of the highest child marriage rates...Education and child marriage do not go hand in hand." Angeline Murimirwa...

"The [Kanyashree Prakalpa] scheme is absolutely scalable because it is operated through the schools - schools are the basic unit, and administratively, it is a very, very simple scheme [of conditional cash transfers for girls]." Roshni Sen

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Media Poetics and Cattle Ranching: Making Community Radio Relevant to Language and Power

Clemencia Rodriguez
Publication Date
February 1, 2009

Department of Communication, University of Oklahoma

This article explores the ways in which community radio is being used to challenge cultural assumptions in Colombia's "cowboy country".


Posting to the OURMEDIA listserv, March 4 2009; and Upstream Journal Jan/Feb 2009, Vol. 22 No. 3.

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