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RAPID Outcome Mapping Approach (ROMA)

RAPID Outcome Mapping Approach (ROMA)
The RAPID Outcome Mapping Approach (ROMA) draws on concepts of complexity, on outcome mapping tools developed by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and tools for policy engagement

Logic Model

A logic model is a map or simple illustration of what one does, why one does it, what one hopes to achieve, and how one will measure that achievement.

Gender-Equitable Men (GEM) Scale

Excerpts from "Horizons Operations Research Toolkit on HIV/AIDS" and "The Gender-Equitable Men (GEM) Scale":   "The Horizons Program and Instituto Promundo developed the Gender-Equitable Men (GEM) Scale to directly ...

Positive Deviance Approach

Excerpts from "Basic Guide to the Positive Deviance (PD) Approach":  

Critiques of the Dominant Paradigm - Family Tree of Theories, Methodologies ...

Beginning in the late 1960s, the field of development communication split in two broad approaches: one that revised but largely continued the premises and goals of modernization and diffusion theories, and another that has championed a ...

Towards a Theoretical and Empirical Convergence? - Family Tree of Theories, ...

Can the two broad approaches that dominated the field of development communication, diffusion and participatory models, converge around certain principles and strategies? Or is that unthinkable considering that their underlying theoretical ...

P Process Model

P Process Model
"The P Process is a step-by-step roadmap that can guide you from a loosely defined concept about changing behavior to a strategic and participatory program that is grounded in theory and has measurable impact."

Community Mobilisation: Degrees of Community Participation

Community Mobilisation: Degrees of Community Participation
From the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)-supported ACCESS-FP Program: Co-Option: token involvement of local people; representatives are chosen, but have no real input or power. Compliance: tasks are assigned, with ...

Planning BCC Interventions

This publication was developed as a practical handbook in response to the needs of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Country Offices to help colleagues and their partners to plan and implemen

Communicating about Biodiversity

1. DEFINE IT. If you use the word biodiversity, explain what it means. Otherwise, talk about the web of life, nature, the natural world, ecosystems, habitats, etc.

Crafting Effective Messages

Below is excerpted from a document provided by the Biodiversity Project.

SCALE (System-wide Collaborative Action for Livelihoods and the Environment)

This is a five-step management process that: Takes a system-driven approach and recognises the relationships and connections of the social systems around a development issue;

Outcome Mapping

The focus of Outcome Mapping is on people.

Shannon and Weaver's Communication Model

Shannon and Weaver's Communication Model
Shannon and Weaver's Communication Model has five basic factors, arranged in a linear format. The components in this model are: The information source selects a desired message out of a set of possible messages. The transmitter changes the ...

Situation Analysis Framework (SAF)

An analytical and planning method, Situation Analysis Framework (SAF) is adapted from the Logical Framework Approach (LFA) and the Objective Oriented Project Planning (OOPP).

Problem Tree


Adoption Ladder


Modelo de Comunicación para Impactar la Conducta, COMBI

El Modelo de Comunicación para Impactar la Conducta, COMBI, es un enfoque innovador hacia la movilización social que incorpora las enseñanzas aprendidas durante décadas de la comunicación en sal