Is Facebook the future organisational model for effective international development action?


According to me the facebook

According to me the facebook takes development action in some future time. so my vote is yes.

I feel facebook is a social

I feel facebook is a social network and should be treated as the same. We should not over expect from facebook untill or unless prooved.



Facebook is a marketing tool

Facebook is a marketing tool and a social weapen that can be powerfull, but is just a social website Andreia from Trancoso

Is Facebook the future organisational model...

Facebook has really revolutionalized the way people interact to one another. It is is even a model that can be used in school to effectively reach out everyone. dissertation writing

Possible. I voted for 'yes'.

Possible. I voted for 'yes'. ;) ASAP Products

YES. With its 400+ million

YES. With its 400+ million user it is CAPABLE of doing so. It's all depend on the management.



Is Facebook the future organisational model for effective intern

Facebook came on the scene as a "social networking" medium, and many of us have continued to perceive it as such. EFFECTIVE international development action requires a combination of approaches and media. Already, there are "more effective" hybrids of social media coming up and these will surely overtake facebook. We shall continue using it to find lost friends, former schoolmates, advertising our goods etc......but rallying action for effective international development, I DOUBT. The traditional, tried and tested approaches to development like community (read communities in need of development intervention) participation, advocacy, edutainment, will still dominate long after some new IT innovation has overtaken facebook. Nevertheless, we must recognise its potential and see how to harness it.

Let me get this right ...

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A poll asks the question, above, about Facebook, the world's largest communication site by far, aimed at people interested in " where communication and media are central to social and economic development ".

Yet, of the 176 people who have answered so far, 79 have said "no" or "You have to be kidding!"

And, despite the communications focus of this site a further 49 said "Maybe".

Just 32 have said "yes" or "It is already" - barely one in FIVE communications specialists represented here on the Development Networks Communication Initiative. Those acknowledging the dominance of the Facebook model as already existant are less than one in ten.

What the hey?

This is almost as bad as believing Fox News is "fair and balanced".

Perhaps the problem getting more capacity for communications is not external factors of corruption, etc, but an absolute terror among IT types that increasingly simple social networking tools will leave them without a job. Why else is there this incredible resistance here on Comminit to social networks, like Facebook?

Meantime, I really like the new front pages. Blisfully simple. When will this be extended to group pages, that still look like a dog's breakfast?

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Trend-Analysis depending on the "quality" of the network

The organizational principles underlying Facebook might lead to information that can be part of a trend-analysis. However, they don't support important functionalities to organize concrete action.


Facebook is just another expression of the coropration... Its aims have nothing to do with development and everything to do with profit. It is the privately own mall or private club on the internet... not a democratic representative organization helping people around the world develope.



Is facebook the new model for effective social action? Maybe

Facebook's power to communicate for change is undercut by profiling -- those interior programs that filter our content according to our preferences and tell us what we want to hear. Profiling means that facebook essentially preaches to the converted. When Facebook and the other social media become more content-neutral sources of information, their power to create change will be enhanced. The key question is whether, and how, this relates to the economic interests of Facebook's owners.

New website format - where are "universities' and "theory"?

Hi - I just noticed the new format of the website. Can someone tell me what happened to the sections that used to be listed on the left hand side of the old website? (Notably "Universities" and "Social Change Theories."?) Thanks 


Karen Greiner

University of South Florida, Tampa, FL

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